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December 4, 2017

Today after 8 years

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I never thought that today i will post something here. I guess no one ever read it or saw my post.

8 years is kind of short time for me.

i fall in love..



grow bigger than before…

hopefully become much mature than before…

as i write today, I prayed that the one that read my post may be as good as me. Feeling alright even we encounters so many challenge in our lives. Just want to remind my self cause i’m stronger than before. Its not easy to go tru all the difficulties that came in my way but i’m happy with all the thing happened.

I’m listening to Sally Deford now with James Loynes and Allyse Smith  for their song Because He lives.  I love this song so much because of the lyric that has been written really well.


I will try to write again anything that come in my mind. If you read my post, just dont comment anything, I’m ok with it..

Till next time..

Love: cassey



March 5, 2012

New challenge

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Hi there, its been a long time since i write somthing in here. now a day i was too busy with my life and “something” else. 

 previous post was only complain, work and study. this time i just want to say that i found a new challenge in my life.

recently, my friend ask me to join one company that has been operate for 7 years and no progress at all. when i heard that, to be honest, im not too interest until i went to that place.


that was a very nice place to be. 1 because there will be water rafting going on and 2, jungle trekking is a must! its very nice to be that place. so i starting to do the work paper today start with the logo. this company dont have any money yet to make a logo or anything else. since we live in this modern day, its very difficult to survive without the technology. so i googled and found this amazing page that allow you to make your own logo for free(hoping that they will not sue me for using the logo hehe) its http://thelogocompany.net thanks for helping me in this logo making and this is the result…

nice huh. thanks. ^_^

i will be using this logo from now on and face up the new Challenger in my life.

for those who interested in rafting or survival camp a.k.a jungle trekking, you can email me at stephtraveltourssabah@gmail.com or cass_sirran@yahoo.com


love: cassey

p/s: we charge on what you have ordered and we provide you village food so that you will have the experience on how the Borneo people live and eat long day before us. ^_____^  


October 13, 2011

Lost – again!

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something i want to share with you all and maybe some of you like this song like i do…it means a lot for me…good day for you…

love: casseysandra

October 12, 2011

im in pain

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i changed a lot after i meet him…and sometimes i am thinking about leaving him but i love him too much!
this thing called ‘love’ is worse than i know…
people used to come to me and talk about their problem about their relationship and i never failed to tell them how to solve their problem…
even though i never had a bf before, im very expert in giving advises…
but now im in pain…everyday i think about ‘is he going to leave me someday?he said he like me, he love me but im afraid what ever he say is only a lie…with our situation, we always fight, and i dont know what to do…i prayed that he and i will be together but who knows what will happend in the future…i like this guy so much…….shit!

July 10, 2010

New Blog

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maybe im not satisfied enuf to be in one blog so i create another blog which is ‘JUST FOR FUN’  and i was thinking that i will delete my old email….its been soooo long i use it but its time to let it go….

and another thing is…i had a story but i think i want to write it in my new blog…ehehehehehe

gud day~~~

July 3, 2010

Song for today~~

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enjoy it

love: cassey sandra

June 28, 2010

The Brave One

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Dear Gembuli,

I’ve sent my resignation letter last friday and 25th of July is my last day in the company. I have nothing to say to you but I feel relieve after I send the letter. I know this would be much more difficult than before but I have to be strong to move on without turning back.

To be honest, I feel a bit regret and sad but I know its only for temporary and there is nothing to be worry about. 

Im happy and at the same time wondering if this is the right decision I made.

I still have to move on with my life and now to a better way. Sometimes I think that all the friends and the job I get is from the Almighty. I might make HIM sad with my decision but i know that HE is there all the time lead me no matter what i do.

God, please forgive all my ignorant as i only follow my own will. i know that YOU already assign me with someone here but…..

Now im happy with my live and try to look for another job.

Thank YOU so much for watching me from a~z…


love: The Brave One


June 21, 2010

Plan changed!!

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remember before this I was planning to further my study to the next level?

guess what…I’ve change the plan…still want to go but not this time…

I want to work in the govn sector which I can off on Sabbath day…

but the problem is, when I apply in the govn college, they dont accept my diploma and to be ACCURATE, they dont REGOGNIZE my diploma…=.=”””

what a day…~~~ sometime good news wasnt always the good news…

now…Im too scared to listen to good news.. somtimes we didnt know either its good for you or the person who delivered you the news…

last sabbath, my church’s elder has nominate me and my seniors to Singapore to join the Youth…… (somthing i cant remember) in conjunction with the youth department….and its on November.

Im so happy with the news but at the same time Im scared that Im not the choosen one (still they have to meeting to disscuss who r the person who should go)…i was told that not to put a high expectation on that thing because anything can happend in seconds.

this is what happend when you already plan somthing but someONE has blocked it and assign you with the suitable plan. For me, Im willing to follow.

Now, I think God has a plan for me because HE did everthing to make me stop from what Im doing…at the same time, I know that HE has plan to do somthing with my life…

My clleuge has mentioned recently that she need to find a religion that can make her happy and enjoy with all her heart without any doubt on somthing that she didnt know.

guys, can you guess what HE ask me to do?? ^___^

please pray for me as i lead my friend into HIS hand.(slowly)

and i cant promise i can do it but as little children’s theme on 2008,

‘I can make a different with Jesus’ sound nice right?

another plan is going to manukan this coming july and sure to post somthing here in my ‘SULAP’ hehe…

and…i am planning to do backpacker to Jakarta…any advise??

love: cassey sandra ^___^

June 16, 2010

“A Man Who Was Superman”

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NEW MOVIE!!! actually this is an old movie and the actress is Jun Ji Hyun(my top 1 favorite actress)..shes actually play as a writer in this movie…

well to cut the story short, I going to look for it…hehehe…

and about my study… still want to c’nue but still got some problemS in my way….baby steps first lah…hehehe….

so heres the cover…


love: cassey sandra ^____^

p/s :

another night without sleep…all because of this thing… :p

May 24, 2010

Good News

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last night im attended a meeting which Sabah will be the Host for 2011 Pathfinder camporee. In the meeting, we’ve been discusing lots of lots of top important agenda and to make my story short, they also distribute some assigments to the AJK and non AJK(which is me..hehehe) and we have to prepare earlier to make this event the best ever…GOD bless…i volunter my self to do the ‘announcement’…

and just now, I receive a good news from SEGI college which i have been waiting from the past few weeks. The guy from SEGI told me that they allowed me and my friend to enter the second year intake which means on 6 Sept. Which means i will leave Sabah soon….and to be honest, I dont like it….but i have to…

I have my 1st boyfriend ever in my whole live last year but its only 1 week…haha..kind of funny….its not that i dont like him, its just im afraid I wont let him go if the feeling stay deeper inside my little heart and i had a hard time to accept his behaviour…so i left him…with a good explanation he’s a sweet guy….but..

this is not the main point that i want to say….

I just want to say that if you love someone, you will never leave him no matter what, how far are you and where you go…you just dont let him go…

and i found out that I really fall in love with God and everthing that i do, ill let HIM know….

good news is not good all the time when you have to choose only 1 good news out of 2….and it makes me think that ‘AM I CHOOSE THE RIGHT DECISION??’

so once again please God help me tru this…..

love: cassey sandra =.=

im so glad u’re smile…

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