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August 28, 2009

Hiking time…part 1

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Venue: Tebobon Kiulu, Sabah

Date: 1st – 3rd May 2009

 Hiking is one of the activities that i hate most!!! i hate to walk and jog and now see what happend to me after all hiking is not bad..haha…but this time is the most happy day in my life…if mission organise to Tebobon, Kiulu again, ill go….with pleasure…

we start at SASS, Tamparuli, our 1st  meeting point, the day before was heavy rain and our driver was wondering whether his mini bus can reach Gonipis(2nd meeting point) or not. but it doesnt stop me and my friend to go…we took some picture before depart…

 laura and me

laura and me…we both has a ‘BIG’ body weight..haha…i was wondering too…. can i reach to Tebobon, Kiulu…haha….

then after few minutes, after we’ve been brief by Pastors, we depart to the 2nd meeting point which you can judge by this picture…

see that mini bus down there??? it cant reach to this point so he must stop there and we have to walk until the place where im standing…

laura’s shoes…if you wear expensive shoe that day..ull cry….hahaha…

we start our journey with a nice view……

me and kakak flo…look how dirty i am…haha…

so this is it..my 1st part of my story…ill post the 2nd part next time since i dun have the pictures and i dont have time, i just want to show how beautiful that place….

till then: Cassey sandra  1_607411930l


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