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October 28, 2009

Inspiring Words for Women – Darlene Sala

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Last week 18th – 25th Oct, i went to Manila (my 1st international trip) attending the International Pathfinder Camporee in AUP(Adventist University Phillipines). Im so exited about this trip. My mother lend me some money(poor me, its middle of the month) below RM 500 and guess what, I dont know how to spend it…hahaha..im not the one who can stand, check, and bargain in one time to other time…i get bored and tired easily.

I keep thinking what should I give my Dad, Mom, Amay, Kika, Boboy, Wei2, Grandpa, and Grandma..convert to peso is quite a lot…but what im trying to post here is Ive bought 2 books. Ive promise to God I want to start read His Words but to be honest, if I open the bible, i feel very sleepy because of the word size and i find another alternative to solve my problem…buy a book with verse, story and others experience.

Ive found this book on the 22nd oct at AUP and the reason I get closer this book is the title of the book.

Inspiring Words For Women by Darlene Sala

I start thinking, am I a Women or a still a girl. If im a women then theres a lots of thing that GIRL dont think. If im a girl then WOMEN know less about teenagers nowadays life.




Im 23 years old, working as a travel agent(ticketing and reservation)

1. I need this book because i want to change the way i connect with God

2. I need this book so that i have my own reading methods while rest in the office

3. I need this book so much because I really need to know what is He do tru other’s mind

and the result….??

I choose a very good book.

In this book, Darlene mentioned about dont rely on your own way but you must keep praying and praying and praying to God asking for help.

When i read this chapter, many questions come to my mind and 1 of the question is

“if i have faith in God, He must come and save me where ever i go, He knows everthing, should we keep praying eventhough we truly trust Him?’

and He answer my question by giving me real experience.

On 26th Oct, I dont have any work to do from 0800 am – 1400 what i mean here, there is no urgent matter that must be done on that day. Just few notes, cleaning my desk and checking my FB.

then in 1425 afternoon, there came 2 foreigners from Australia.

Tall, big and friendly asking for Cebu pacific flight, and they need hotel in Manila for 27 Oct. I told them that hotel dont accept last minute booking from travel agent and at 1st they were ok about it.

then they need the quotation from Manila to Butuan return flight and i have to call another travel agent to purchase the ticket.

we finish discussing about 1500 and they promise to came back once i get the price.

1600: they came and i give them the price and my cllgue keep saying that book the hotel, book the hotel and i receive payment for ticket and hotel.

Actually, its a big mistake to collect money but hotel didnt confirm yet and i keep thinking what would happend next morning? Im very scared, nervous and cant sleep that night.

Guess what, i try this method…i pray…and pray…and pray until the next morning…pray…pray…pray….but im not sure that God would answer my prayer…Darlene also mentioned that God may give us where we cant stand on our feet…give us hard time so that we can be stronger than before…

but i keep on praying……and i keep my self calm..

the australian promise to come 1100am but they come at 1000…and im still dealing with the problem…

I dont want to run from problem and i must face it no matter what…

I explain to them what happend, void their card and re – do again….

Thank God, He assist me to solve the problem…i ask for wisdom so that i can think which path should i go…

then the problem solve smoothly without hurting heart…

they understand it and accept it….

now i understand what is the meaning “dont rely on ur own thought” rely on Him all the time…He always there for you…

sometime you feel like He dont look after you(include me) but u now what…God has His own way…

God Bless….

love: cassey sandra ^_^

p/s Darlene, you wrote a wonderfull books to women out here…thank you… 🙂



  1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I’m so glad the book was a blessing. May the Lord continue to guide you. Darlene

    Comment by Darlene Sala — November 4, 2009 @ 02:00

    • thanks Darlene…GBU too…

      Comment by casseysandra — November 4, 2009 @ 10:08

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