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November 4, 2009

My Name…

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last monday, i had a little chat with my aunt when we on the way back from work. She is the only sister that my father had…so she is very special. she has the same character as me, dont like to wear color on face, wear anything that look nice and comfortable even though it an old fashion..haha…

so that is not the story i like to post here today…its about name..

few years ago, i can still remember a pastor came to my church to preach about name. to be honest, i only remember he said “name is impotant”…ya name is important but does it top important?hehe just a question mark in my head so pls ignore it…^_^…

my aunt tell me how she and her husband their kid’s name. She tell me that every child that she delivered, her husband will fasting and ask for God’s ‘light’ and to make the story short, i ask my aunt does she have any idea why my father named me ‘ Cassandra Krystal(crystal)’ the 1st name she doesnt know but my second name is because “crystal is something that people love, likes no matter how small it is”…yes…people like me not because im pretty(im more to ugly haha), not because the way that i dressed but i am who i am….im not gonna change it….from primary 1 until last year, i hate this ‘krystal’ but now…..

i love it so much…thanks dad…by the way…my 2nd sister name is EMERALda, Francesca(after my mom deliver her in the hospital, francesca peter 1st sabahan artist who manage to be a singer at the time), younger bro is Rabbuka is an arab name means OPEN it…dun noe what is the real meaning of it…and last my youngest brother SUNDANG is former YB in sabah….

Now there is no other reason for you to hate your name even your dad named you ‘PINTU’ (door) there must be a reason….

Who is JESUS…

JESUS is a name but because of HIM, we’ve been save from sin…

Thank YOU Lord….

need to ask my future husband to fast and lend on God before named our children..hehe…till next post….im hungry…

LOVE: cassey sandra… ^_^


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