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November 6, 2009

Im down…

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Ive been thinking of quitting my current job since last year but i keep on remind my self that if i run from this kind of situation, i will be running for the rest of my life without any job.

my mom and my dad was happy for me after getting this job….income quite nice for single women like me…no burden at all but i always feel that im not satisfied with my job…when i get this job, i thought it was my luck…out of 7, im the one who get the job….out of 7, im the 1st person who refuse to go for interview…

i had read a blog this afternoon about her passion about her current job…back then she was employed by …i cant remember what company…but she did mention shes trying to do the best but she keep on doing wrong and she does not feel satisfied….

i want to further my studies but after discuss with my father, he seem want me to continue my job….

i really dont like this job….i never happy while i work here…i had a wish 2 years ago when i become leader of adventurer at my church and we always dont have enough money to go to camping…so i pray that God will give a good job so that i can support the children…im happy when im spending time and money with them but i just dont understand why i dont feel ease while working there…

c’legue was great…ive learn from the best…but i just dont understand which path shoukl i walk….continue or resign….im in a big delima….i know God is always there for me no matter what… i do believe…

God please help me to choose the right decision…i know You know my pain more then i know it by my self….

Im struggling with my own thought..when it come monday….i never happy since september 22 last year….i had lost my self and sometimes i cant laugh…i try to laugh but it just so hurt…..

Please someone help me…. =.=

cassey sandra


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