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November 11, 2009

Hardest WORD to say

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Question of the day:
‘What is the HARDEST word to say in our life?…



 FOR ME to say sorry is the hardest word to say and it worse when it’s not your mistake…to say sorry is like moving a mountain to the other side of this earth.

When i had a fight with my sister, parents..i never say sorry, i feel so awkward to say the word. so what i do is buy a food and start talking.

recently i had a fight with my newly best friend and from what i see we both had a high ego which mean none of us admit whose fault is that. He did say sorry but not in a proper way. So i was very angry..super angry i mean and very hurt with what he said to me. we didnt talk for almost 2 months. no chatting, no phone call, no meeting…

ive read darlene’s book and she did mention about forgiveness. i tried but i just cant passed the hurt. so i just keep praying that God will give me courage to forgive and forget what had happend…and as usuall i didnt say sorry..i talk to him again and i feel my burden is is lighter than before..

Thank God i pass this test..

YOU..i want to forgive and yes i forgive you but give me little bit of time to get rid of everthing inside my heart..

gud day… ^_^

love: cassey sandra


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