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December 1, 2009

Deaf and Dumb

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last saturday i was on duty and make the story short, i went home around 1200 noon…i never thought that day would be special(but every saturday is a special day for me because its Sabbath day). its extra special.

i always complain about my life, my job and all the stress that i had almost 1 year since i start working as a ticketing staff. its not as easy as it sound and i can feel that im counting every second that passed tru my life.

ok here’s the story, i dont bring car to work due to high carpark tax…so i take a mini bus/12 people and that day i was able to get the last seat at the back and on my right side, there is a lady who is very aggresive but not harm…i dont have the strength to look at her because im scared that she will hug me…i will have a night mare if someone weird and aggressive hug me…so i just pretent im not exist but she is so nice, she give me more space cause im about to fall from my seat…get what i mean? a long chair at the back and 4 people can seat together…

after 20 mint we are about to reach Menggatal(small village aka town in Kota kinabalu, sabah my home town), the lady on my left side ring the bus bell before menggatal and that moment, i see a beautiful watch…Nike brand, silver, white color and most of all, the weird lady wore it…

she start to give signal “are you going home” (she use the sign that make me understand the ” roof” and ‘sleep’ sign)…i answer ‘yes’ by nod my head…and i thumb up and say ‘your watch is very beautiful..is it expensive'(nike…expensive)…she answer me ‘yes, and i work hard to buy this watch’ she do another sign that can make me understand…she told me the watch cost her RM 120 and i really surprise that she can afford to buy that kind of watch but if you communicate her that day…she is very friendly, calm, and likes to smile eventhough she lost her front teeth and the most amazing thing is…she point her ear and mouth and do the sign “X” thats mean ‘im a deaf and dumb person’…

if you had all the ‘extra’ but still not appreciate life as she is then the one who ‘deaf and dumb’ is YOU…+ blind….ive been thinking this lady…even though she is not perfect but she is happy with her life…she eat burger where ever she want and never bother about what people think about her….i really admire her and i feel guilty because i was judging her by the way that she dress…

im still thinking about quiting my job…have to think it twice…and i have made up my mind…whats the point if you gain the whole world but you vever think about your life….

so people…enjoy life and appreciate what God has given to you… God bless you…. have a nice day….

love: cassey sandra

p/s thanks for http://thebradley.net/ for your comment and i never though some one will say “fantastic site” because my grammar is stillllllllllllll verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy pooooooorr……..any whr…thanks…. and i love you site tooo….. ^_^


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