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December 7, 2009

XMAS, wishes and prayer!!!!!

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Morning, im bored so i was thinking to write somthing here today…

this year is not a 100% happy year due to my uncle’s death because of kidney failure and my grandma still  mourning about her son..she keep saying and looking for her son…maybe she cant accept that her son move to another side of the world before she does im sure every mom feel the same…so this year x’mas is a little bit dull…

however…we as a living creature who still breath and walk need to think twice about what we eat, xcersie and be carefull to what ever that “fall” into your mouth…age getting higher and strength become more week…

so this year wish…nothing but HEALTH…

prayer to my whole family members, friends, and most of all…my enemy:

Dear Lord,

I wish i can forget all the sadness and pain that been with us this year. please bless us for the new coming year with health and happiness…

forgive our sins and bless those who hates and curse me. give me strength to forget and forgive…

i know You know more than i know…thank You for always there for us…

I came from a poor family but im grateful…because of poor, we as a family become close and strong…thank You for giving me this wonderful family, thank You for guide us tru year 2009, and thank You for giving me the chance being an ADVENTIST…. thank You for everything…

in Jesus name i pray…Amen…

cassey sandra^^


still i got another two wish…mini cooper and wealth…ehehehehe…..part time wish…..:p


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