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December 9, 2009

Something to think about

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Remember, man, as you walk by,

as you are now, so once was i,

as i am now, so shall you be,

remember this and follow me.


i read Darlene’ s book just now(i didnt manage to finish it since sept..eheh) and found these words and im not sure either its a quote or words of wisdom or anything else but what attract me is the meaning of these words…

come to think of it, it has a deep meaning behind all the simple word that you cant imagine…when i read it, i understand what the writer trying to say and if i want to explain it…i cant…i try…

remember man, what you do now is what i do at the past…

and what im experience now you will experience it one day and when the time come…

remember this and follow him…

these words is from a king to his kingdom…

sometimes we dont understand what life is and we fall into a deep hole and at the end we cant climb up of the hole by our self…

in Malaysia, cheating in relationship always happend here…yes i know we’re not western but these few days i watch live ‘scene’ between a married man (not divorce yet) and a married women(not divorce yet) holding hands~~~ ive been thinking about this relationship is it based on love or lust…

some people say “love is blind”..oo im not sure about that cause i dont have any boyfriend yet but im sure for something…love is not totally blind, people is the one who blind…i 100% agree if she and he divorce their wife and husband in a good way before they cheat…how do you feel if you see your mom holding hand with another man…?

im sure i cant accept it…this is the modern world so make it like you living in a modern world…

but dont let the topic ruin my xmas spirit……


love: cassey sandra ^_^

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(please forgive me for borrowing your pic…let us forgive and forget on this xmas month…. ^_^)


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