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December 15, 2009

Job vancancy??

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Last night i was watching tv with my parents and at the same time i see an advertisement in the newspaper…ive been thinking about quitting my job since the day i confirmed(here) but i never had the chance to quit…my colleuge always has their own ‘agenda’…xmas…cruise…tour…chinese new year… and even though im not as nice as the nicest person in the whole planet…i still have to think about their excited feeling…then i postponed again and again from last year until today….still…i work here…almost 1 year…still i hate this job…!!! (T_T)

so cut the story short….i see an advertisement….^_^

click link above…i cant paste the advertisement…just in case you didnt manage to click on the link you can always go to http://www.royalbrunei.com

cabin crew for royal brunei…~~~ i was thinking ‘aiya~~~just try my luck 1st la..reject or not it doesn’t matter…as long as i try and i satisfied….then i missed look the most important requirement…..
“ABLE TO SWIM”…i cant swim…!!!!! then my my smile become shrink…i cant swim!!!! i can only rescue my self…how can i rescue other??
not only that…i dont have the look but you never noe if you dont try rite….but….i give up on this thing…but this ‘thing’ keep pushing my brain to the side make it need more space than my brain needed…

is cass going to send her resume??? i dont think so….lets find another job shall we…. ^__^

love: cassey sandra ^__^

p/s i always want a job in korea…God please grant one of my wish this year… ;p…

Good day~~~~~~~


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