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December 22, 2009

Xmas present

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every last xmas people always ask me what do i get for xmas and my answer always ” i dont get anything for xmas”..its true..my family is very poor at that time andmy mom always say that she made chicken soup from the chicken bone…what i mean here, we drink the soup only BUT…we xtremely happy so when people ask about “cass, what is ur xmas present?” i still answer “nothing”

then me and my sisters and brothers grow up and until now my mom and dad never give us xmas present and for your information…me, sis and brother never ask for xmas present….if now people ask me ” cass, what is ur xmas present for this year?’ i will answer…

1. i was glad i was born in Adventist Family

2. i got the greatest parent in the world(even though she and he always yell at me every time i order 1 cheese burger + big mac + poridge ehehehe…they still love their children…)

3. still have good health in the hand of my parents and God

4. i found my eldest sister back…her name is Laura aka BB

5. nothing i ask but im gratefull to be here in Borneo…

but as time goes by, i worked and earn some money..ehehehe..guess what i do.. ^__^

im the girl who enjoy rafting, hiking, camping and banana boat’ing’ and not the girl who like to shopping…it make me headache…so the best solution…buy tru online.. ^_^ its a bit dangerous because i never done this before and i really like the bag…so i consider this is my own xmas present…

only the bag aa~~~~not the girl…


the sweater aa…~~~not the girl… =.=.. u can always go to  http://www.sugoi.com.my/

im waiting for them to send it over now…cant wait…..

so..what did you get for xmas??? hehe..hoping its the same as me… 

Merry christmas everyone…!!!!

love: cassey sandra ^__^


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