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January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

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I think its too late to say ‘happy new year’….hehehe…but i still want to say ‘Happy New Year!!!!!!’ ^______^ i received lots of lots of lots of sms on the 1st Jan but i dun have any credit so…God know that i always remember them(i think so…i find hard to remember others name…:p)

since my last year trip is not LOTS enough….this year would be the year of FUN…..

Next Trip: Sapi Island, Sabah 24th Jan 2010

and the view…

or you can log into this website: http://www.malaysia-islands.com

me and my friend at Kelly Bays Tuaran….and its super CHEAP!!!!!!

for malaysian-island, i never been there before so can i borrow your pics for this entry only??? introduce sabah 1st…. ^__^

RM??? not sure yet but ill post it in my next entry….

Next trip: Annual dinner 23rd Jan 2010

im not sure this is a trip or what…i try to post somthing about our annual dinner and this is the second time i join this ‘thing’

vanue: Grand ballroom, 1 Borneo…

Grand Borneo Hotel Kota Kinabalu - Ballroom

The view…

Grand Borneo Hotel Kota Kinabalu - Ballroom

and this one also, and im not that kind of girl who likes heels and dress but im the girl who likeS FOOD… ^__^

next trip: Labuan, Malaysia

Labuan trip with my friends on 29th Jan – 31st Jan….

my mom always say “gila trip ni si cass”…

yes, sa gila trip…

all the best for 2010….

love: cassey sandra ^__^


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