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March 27, 2010

PictureS of today..happy sabbath guys…

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Family 1st:

Location: Aunt’s house, Ranau in the picture: me, Defodil, Amber

Location: Pekan Nabalu, Ranau. in the picture: Rabbuka, Ochiro, Francesca, Itti Nori(back), Awasino, Sundang, Dad, mom and me(front)

Location: Pekan Nabalu, Ranau. ITP: Rabbuka, Francesca, Awasini, and Itti Nori

Ochiro Bin Jumin..^^

Location: My home. in the picture: Francesca and Aaron Lance Cruz(my nephew… ^^)

Next would be my friendS:

DBTS 10/06

Location: Simpang Mengayau, Kudat

Location: Gunung Alab, Tambunan

Location: Taman Agriculter

Location: Kelly Bays, Tuaran

Location: Kelly Bays, Tuaran

Location: Kelly Bays, Tuaran

Location: Kelly Bays, Tuaran

Location: Kitapol, Tamparuli

Location: AUP, Phillipines traditional costumes

Location: Dantai, Kota Belud

Location: Tagaytay, Phillipines

Location: Dantai, Kota Belud – social Night time…. ^^

Location: Nahaba, Kota Belud

Location: Dantai, Kota Belud – Larry and Dorie

Location: AUP, Phillipines

Location: Beijing Buffer Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang Kota Kinabalu

in the picture:me, Pennie, Amy, Dyhmna, Stephannie (reunion party)

picture a bit blur…my classmates form 4 and 5


still havent change a bit..hahaha

My little bro with his cousinS

Location: Dantai, Kota Belud

My Cousin: Amber Eunicky Winnie

Like what people always say: Picture say a thousands words

cant wait next trip.

Love: cassey Sandra ^___^

p/s: all trip is budget trip ^^


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