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April 20, 2010

today’s random

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I just want to post something in this wall today

but actually I want to let go something..

my JOB

getting boring with the life where your senior NEVER satisfied with your work…

sometimes they look for your tiny mistakeS so that they can freely SCOLD you…

i put in my mind that im not the only person who have the same feeling

im patient enuf with this accountant senior and i scare that someday i might be crazy just to think this kind of creature

some people say writing is the best solution to release your tension..

and I must agree with it..but at the same time, my bad habit which is EATING while im stress is not so ‘good idea’…

I love to eat when stress attack…you dont have to think anything…just eat…eat…eat…but for the moment you want to stop…its too late…

my wish for today:

God please approve my wish, i really want to further my studies and please lead me to the right path…

these few day some of my friends post this status in FB ‘why it’s so hard to please others’…I truly understand that..im in the same boat as she is…

so this time…i made my mind, i really want to quit my current job..

for those who read my entry for today, please help me to find a job in travel industry…

love: cassey sandra

Cass Willy Sirran


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