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April 28, 2010

Graduation DBTS 10/06

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Finally I got my Diploma certificate on the 23th April..well its not the exact ‘certificate’ actually its my convo day. Happy about it make me forget all my stress at workplace. Not a single thoughts about my workplace on that day… ^_^

But I have one BIG problem. I want to futher my studies to the higher level which is Degree and Master. Its really hard for me. Ive been search every universtities in Sabah(this is my 2nd problem, I talk about it later) UMS, Maktab, UITM…I’ve email to UMS but they dont accept diploma cert from my college and cass become VERY dissapointed and start to think about ‘give up la cass’ but I dont want to regret someday I end up do somthing that I dont want to do because I didnt manage to get a university that can accept me.

because of the reason, I dont want to give up..I have to try. Im too weak to do all this thing.

and about my 2nd problem is I dont want to leave Sabah…thats why i keep searching for Sabah’s universities. I know that I have to go outside Sabah for some times but…let me stay in Sabah God…please…

God please help me here…really need your help this time..i have give up on my other wishes…

Love: cassey sandra =.=


not a good day for me…


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