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May 15, 2010

Old memories vs Old pictureS

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I came to office this morning with a ‘bang’ in my head when I login to my Facebook….

first, I check notification first to see what people ‘do’ with their routine… and I see ‘ hanako yakashi tagged you a photo’ and not only one but….maybe 5-10 pictures…

second, I was thought ‘ O maybe she or some of my friends post some pictures from our graduation day’

third, I click one of the picture and ‘POP’….my old pictures!!!….and some of it is my really secret memories….the person I admire, like, close, hate(now) argh……and imagine I’m so embarrassed with the picture… I just don’t want to know about it….haha..funny rite…. still funny…

but still I want to post some of my favourite pictures…


still…step, laura and me….5 star for this…. ^^

like it…

me with funny face…. =.=

last and not least…this picture is the 1st journey that kept all my secret memories(which is no secret memories at all…. ^^)

happy sabbath guys…!!! I work on sabbath again…=.=

love: cassey sandra ^___^

p/s: I forgot the no 1 favourite picture…hold on pls….

tadaaaa………… **


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