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May 19, 2010

Down StreSS

Filed under: Life, wish — cassey @ 10:37

When I first enter this company, what I can see some bunch of people who is so arrogant and dont even want to look at you…for me its ok…maybe they act the way they used to be….

and after 2 – 3 months, I start to cry asking for help about my job and I coplaint about my job for almost 1 and half year and for your information, I still complaining about my job until today…=.= pity cass…~~~

and today, I officially HATE my colleuge..

when she start talking, laughing, gossiping, talk bad behind someone else, scold me, never say thank you/sorry, never admit her own mistakeS, always say ‘yes!! I know!!’ , always talk about her husband mistakes and never listen!!!!!!!!

and cassey sandra ALMOST :-

1. crazy

2. deaf

3. lost memories

4. gain weight

5. STRESS!!!!!

‘God, please help me get through this time, I really want to escape from this company, I cant hold it much longer. the longer I wait, I might get crazy…i know YOU know it better since you watch me from up there everyday. please forgive my sins LORD. please help me…Amen’

I give up all my wish and ask for this wish and hopefully i can get this one….



love: cassey sandra =.=


not in a mood today…just want to release some burden inside my heart…


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