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May 24, 2010

Good News

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last night im attended a meeting which Sabah will be the Host for 2011 Pathfinder camporee. In the meeting, we’ve been discusing lots of lots of top important agenda and to make my story short, they also distribute some assigments to the AJK and non AJK(which is me..hehehe) and we have to prepare earlier to make this event the best ever…GOD bless…i volunter my self to do the ‘announcement’…

and just now, I receive a good news from SEGI college which i have been waiting from the past few weeks. The guy from SEGI told me that they allowed me and my friend to enter the second year intake which means on 6 Sept. Which means i will leave Sabah soon….and to be honest, I dont like it….but i have to…

I have my 1st boyfriend ever in my whole live last year but its only 1 week…haha..kind of funny….its not that i dont like him, its just im afraid I wont let him go if the feeling stay deeper inside my little heart and i had a hard time to accept his behaviour…so i left him…with a good explanation he’s a sweet guy….but..

this is not the main point that i want to say….

I just want to say that if you love someone, you will never leave him no matter what, how far are you and where you go…you just dont let him go…

and i found out that I really fall in love with God and everthing that i do, ill let HIM know….

good news is not good all the time when you have to choose only 1 good news out of 2….and it makes me think that ‘AM I CHOOSE THE RIGHT DECISION??’

so once again please God help me tru this…..

love: cassey sandra =.=

im so glad u’re smile…



  1. Hah I am honestly the first comment to your amazing writing?!?

    Comment by Nicholas Wood — May 29, 2010 @ 18:55

    • maybe u r the only one who read my entry..but anywhere…welcome….my entry may not be good as a professional writer like urs…thanks

      Comment by casseysandra — June 16, 2010 @ 16:32

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