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June 21, 2010

Plan changed!!

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remember before this I was planning to further my study to the next level?

guess what…I’ve change the plan…still want to go but not this time…

I want to work in the govn sector which I can off on Sabbath day…

but the problem is, when I apply in the govn college, they dont accept my diploma and to be ACCURATE, they dont REGOGNIZE my diploma…=.=”””

what a day…~~~ sometime good news wasnt always the good news…

now…Im too scared to listen to good news.. somtimes we didnt know either its good for you or the person who delivered you the news…

last sabbath, my church’s elder has nominate me and my seniors to Singapore to join the Youth…… (somthing i cant remember) in conjunction with the youth department….and its on November.

Im so happy with the news but at the same time Im scared that Im not the choosen one (still they have to meeting to disscuss who r the person who should go)…i was told that not to put a high expectation on that thing because anything can happend in seconds.

this is what happend when you already plan somthing but someONE has blocked it and assign you with the suitable plan. For me, Im willing to follow.

Now, I think God has a plan for me because HE did everthing to make me stop from what Im doing…at the same time, I know that HE has plan to do somthing with my life…

My clleuge has mentioned recently that she need to find a religion that can make her happy and enjoy with all her heart without any doubt on somthing that she didnt know.

guys, can you guess what HE ask me to do?? ^___^

please pray for me as i lead my friend into HIS hand.(slowly)

and i cant promise i can do it but as little children’s theme on 2008,

‘I can make a different with Jesus’ sound nice right?

another plan is going to manukan this coming july and sure to post somthing here in my ‘SULAP’ hehe…

and…i am planning to do backpacker to Jakarta…any advise??

love: cassey sandra ^___^


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