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March 5, 2012

New challenge

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Hi there, its been a long time since i write somthing in here. now a day i was too busy with my life and “something” else. 

 previous post was only complain, work and study. this time i just want to say that i found a new challenge in my life.

recently, my friend ask me to join one company that has been operate for 7 years and no progress at all. when i heard that, to be honest, im not too interest until i went to that place.


that was a very nice place to be. 1 because there will be water rafting going on and 2, jungle trekking is a must! its very nice to be that place. so i starting to do the work paper today start with the logo. this company dont have any money yet to make a logo or anything else. since we live in this modern day, its very difficult to survive without the technology. so i googled and found this amazing page that allow you to make your own logo for free(hoping that they will not sue me for using the logo hehe) its http://thelogocompany.net thanks for helping me in this logo making and this is the result…

nice huh. thanks. ^_^

i will be using this logo from now on and face up the new Challenger in my life.

for those who interested in rafting or survival camp a.k.a jungle trekking, you can email me at stephtraveltourssabah@gmail.com or cass_sirran@yahoo.com


love: cassey

p/s: we charge on what you have ordered and we provide you village food so that you will have the experience on how the Borneo people live and eat long day before us. ^_____^  



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